44 members

The High Council of Justice has 44 members, each appointed for a four-year term of office.
  • 22 judges
  • 22 non-judges (8 lawyers, 6 university or board of higher education professors and 8 members of civil society)
  • 22 Dutch speakers
  • 22 French speakers


Every four years, 22 judges are elected by all the judges in Belgium and 22 non-judges are appointed by the Senate. A majority of two-thirds of the votes is necessary for this purpose. The HCJ therefore has a mixed composition. At the end of their four-year term of office, members may apply for re-election, but for only one further term of office.


The 44 members are divided between two language boards, each of which has 22 members: 11 judges and 11 non-judges. Each language group must include, among the 11 non-judges, 4 lawyers and 3 university or board of higher education professors.


Members are not accountable to an outside body, but to the General Assembly of the High Council, in particular as regards strict compliance with ethical standards.