Since 2000, the High Council of Justice (HCJ) has been working to improve the functioning of the judiciary in Belgium in three ways.

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3 key tasks

Careers: The HCJ organises the judiciary entrance examinations and makes recommendations to the Justice Minister on the nomination of judges.

Supervision: the HCJ oversees the operation of the judiciary by way of audits and special inquiries and by handling complaints regarding the way it operates.

Opinions: the HCJ takes initiatives and issues opinions on ways of improving the administration of justice, for the benefit of citizens.


The HCJ operates totally independently of the executive, which has not been involved in judicial appointments since the HCJ was established. It is also independent of the judiciary. Since the HCJ was established, the judiciary has been subject to independent supervision for the first time in its history.

The HCJ is a federal body, enshrined in the Constitution, and is autonomous as regards its operations and its right of initiative.