Nominations & Appointments

Nomination of judges

If you are a judge or have successfully passed an examination, and you satisfy all the legal nomination criteria, you may apply for a vacant position within the judiciary. Once the vacancy is published in the Belgian Official Journal, you have one month in which to submit your application, by registered letter to the Federal Public Service Justice.

Do you want more information? See the nominations and appointments FAQ.

Appointment of chiefs of jurisdiction

The High Council of Justice (HCJ) also plays a key role in the promotion of judges.

The HCJ is competent in particular to select the chiefs of jurisdiction within jurisdictions and public prosecutor’s departments and to present them for appointment by the King.

The chiefs of jurisdiction are appointed for a five-year term of office, renewable once only immediately after the end of their initial term, within the same jurisdiction or the same public prosecutor’s department. That is why the term appointment and not nomination is used. By applying modern management techniques on a permanent basis, the chiefs of jurisdiction must ensure that the public prosecutor’s departments and jurisdictions operate smoothly.

What are the procedures?

The procedures for the nomination of judges and the appointment of chiefs of jurisdiction are almost identical:

• They start with an open debate

• Candidates are compared (objectively)

• The (J)NAC must present a candidate, by a majority of two-thirds, to the Head of State

• The latter may only refuse the candidate presented on explicit grounds