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The High Council of Justice issues opinions and recommendations to the parliament and government with a view to improving the administration of justice.

The House and Senate, as well as the Justice Minister, can seek the opinion of the High Council on the subject of their legislative initiatives. The Council may also issue opinions on its own initiative. The Judicial Code stipulates that the HCJ may deliver an opinion on parliamentary bills and legislative proposals which have an impact on the operation of the judiciary.

Advisory Committee

The Joint Advisory and Investigation Committee is competent to prepare opinions or proposals, which are then submitted for approval to the General Assembly.


Although the opinions are, of course, not formally binding, or even suspensive, they are nevertheless taken into account when the High Council of Justice issues an opinion on a government bill or a proposed reform of the justice system. It is precisely because of its composition and its independence vis-à-vis the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government that its voice is heard.